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Kumpulan Soal Toelf Bahasa Inggris Error Recognition Terbaru

Berikut ini adalah soal-soal error recognition yang biasyanya muncul dalam TOEFL Test
In each question you will see a text with 4 underlined words or phrases. One of these is incorrect or needs to be re-written. Select the incorrect option.
1. Should we really speak of the “breakdown” of families when we are perhaps witnessing new family forms and a new social structure arising late capitalism?
A. Should we
B. when we are
C. arising
D. speak of
2. Public opinion polls have consistently demonstrated the public’s willingness for 'tradeoff' economic growth for environmental protection.
A. opinion polls
B. consistently
C. for
D. environmental
3. The economy is heavy dependent on industry, and economic growth has always been of greater concern than environmental preservation.
A. heavy
B. on industry
C. has always been
D. than
4. Advocacy for child war victims, children in hazardous work, abused children and those variously exploited or handicapped has attracted the attention and commitment of legislators and policy-makers through the world.
A. in
B. those
C. has attracted
D. through
5. The increase population, and rapid economic growth in recent years, have put a large and increasing stress on the water resources and environment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
A. increase
B. in recent years
C. on the water resources
D. in
6. Most of the large industries in the country are well organised and structured and are sometimes backed up internationally reputable mother companies.
A. Most of
B. in the
C. are
D.backed up
7. Full-time jobs for men are declining, while more women are finding part- and full-time work. The result is declining social status for men so they lose their role as the sole financial provider.
A. while
B. is
C. so
D. as
8. The camp on the inhospitable, mosquito-infested banks of the River Sekonyer, was set up to track the primates and learn from their habitat, diet and behaviour.
A. mosquito-infested
B. set up
C. learn from
D. diet and behaviour
9. Italian citizens lead their counterparts in the UK, France and Germany in supporting moves to bring the service standards and practices of government's departments closer to those achieved by the best private sector companies.
A. lead their counterparts
B. in supporting moves
C. practices of government's
D. those achieved
10. 'Everybody holds hands. This is the energy that will get you through the evening. We're going to be a winning team. Let's make it the best shift we've ever had. Go for it, guys!'.
A. holds hands
B. get you
C. Let's
D. for it
11. Aspen, where the limousines have four-wheel drive and an empty plot can cost ten million dollars, has been declared the more expensive town in America.
A. where
B. four-wheel drive
C. has been
D. more expensive
12. Evidently, the increasing popularity of Internet shares has led to further investment out of this sector and there are persistent rumors of takeovers.
A. led to
B. out of
C. rumors of
D. of
13. Over 5000 years of Chinese Culture will soon have a world-wide audience, following to a collaboration between IBM Taiwan and the National Palace Museum in Taipei
A. years of
B. will soon have
C. following to
D. between
14. Woody Guthrie finally died, after a lengthy illness, in October 1967, but this project will help his name live on, and perhaps provoke a re-evaluation about his influence on popular music in the 20th century.
A. after a
B. live on
C. about his
D. in the
15. Movie directors are accused of assuming the audience is stupid. But contemporary thrillers seem more often to make the opposite mistake: assuming that the audience is astonishingly sophisticated, able to see into a plot in seconds.
A. are accused of
B. more often to
C. assuming that
D. see into
16. This is a film that proves not only that Duval can direct but, as if we didn't know it, that he is one of America strongest screen presences.
A. not only
B. as if
C. that
D. America
17. Education should emphasize our interdependence with peoples, with other species and with the planet as a whole.
A. should
B. our
C. with
D. as a whole
18. On the bottom of the New York MetroCard have three arrows and little white letters that say "Insert this way/This side facing you." What is it about that instruction that is so impossible to understand?.
A. have
B. On the bottom of
C. is it about
D. that is so
19. Charters are self-governed schools that operate independent of local school boards, however with public money.
A. however
B. are
C. that
D. of
20. Since 2001, the company's annual revenue from ticket sales and contributions grown by 85 percent, to $42.9 million.
A. grown
B. Since
C. annual
D. from

Jawaban (Kunci) Soal Toelf Bahasa Inggris Error Recognition

1. C
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. A
6. D
7. C
8. C
9. C
10. A
11. D
12. B
13. C
14. C
15. D
16. D
17. C
18. A
19. A
20. A