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Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya) 06

1. The giant ragweed, or buffalo weed, grows ---.

(A) 18 feet up to high

(B) to high 18 feet up

(C) up to 18 feet high

(D) 18 feet high up to

2. Neptune is --- any planet except Pluto.
(A) to be far from the Sun
(B) far from the Sun being
(C) farther than the Sun is
(D) farther from the Sun than

3. Since prehistoric times, artists have arranged
  paint on surfaces in ways --- their ideas about
  people and the world.
(A) express
(B) that their expression of
(C) which, expressing
(D) that express

4. Except for certain microorganisms, --- need
  oxygen to survive.
(A) of all living things
(B) all living things
(C) all are living things
(D) are all living things

5. Dubbing is used in filmmaking --- a new sound
  track to a motion picture.
(A) which to add
(B) to add
(C) is adding that
(D) to add while
Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya) 06

Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya) 06

6. --- of green lumber may come from moisture in
  the wood.
(A) More weight than half
(B) Of the weight, more than half
(C) The weight is more than half
(D) More than half of the weight

7. Archaeologists study ---- to trace ancient trade
  routes because such tools are relatively rare, and
  each occurrence has a slightly different chemical
(A) which obsidian tools
(B) obsidian tools
(C) how obsidian tools
(D) obsidian tools are

8. ---- the hamster’s basic diet is vegetarian, some
  hamsters also eat insects.
(A) Despite
(B) Although
(C) Regardless of
(D) Consequently

9. The Navajo Indians of the southwestern United
  States --- for their sand painting, also called dry
(A) noted
(B) are noted
(C) to be noted
(D) have noted

10. In 1784, the leaders of what would later
   become the state of Virginia gave up --- to the
   territory that later became five different
   Midwestern states.
(A) any claim
(B) when the claim
(C) to claim
(D) would claim

11. ---- one after another, parallel computers
   perform groups of operations at the same time.
  (A) Conventional computers, by handling tasks
  (B) Since tasks being handled by conventional
  (C) Whereas conventional computers handle
  (D) While tasks handled by conventional

12. The Liberty Bell, formerly housed in
   Independence Hall, --- in Philadelphia, was
   moved to a separate glass pavilion in 1976.
(A) which a historic building
(B) a historic building which
(C) was a historic building
(D) a historic building

13. Fossils, traces of dead organisms found in the
   rocks of Earth’s crust, reveal --- at the time the
   rocks were formed.
(A) what was like
(B) was like life
(C) what life was like
(D) life was like

14. Although the huge ice masses ---- glaciers
   move slowly, they are a powerful erosive force
   in nature.
(A) call them
(B) are called
(C) to call
(D) called

15. The soybean contains vitamins, essential
   minerals, --- high percentage of protein.
(A) a
(B) and a
(C) since a
(D) of which a 

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