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Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya) 01

Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya)-Here is the example of structure toefl test. There is answer key in the end of this post. Check your ability in structure then make sure that your answer is right.

1.  Amanda Way's career as a social reformer____ in 1851 when, at an antislavery meeting
in Indiana, she called for a state woman's rights convention.
(A) begin
(B) began
(C) have begun
(D) to have begun

2.  The celesta, an orchestral percussion instrument, resembles___
(A) a small upright piano
(B) how a small upright piano
(C) a small upright piano is
(D) as a small upright piano

3. Thomas Paine, _____, wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet that identified the American colonies with the cause of liberty.
(A) writer of eloquent
(B) whose eloquent writing
(C) an eloquent writer
(D) writing eloquent

4. Although beavers rarely remain submerged for more than two minutes, they can stay underwater ___fifteen minutes before having to surface for air.
(A) as long
(B) as long as
(C) so long
(D) so long that

5. Protein digestion begins in the stomach ____ends in the small intestine.
(A) while
(B) and
(C) how
(D) because

6. When natural gas burns, its___ into atoms of carbon and hydrogen.
(A) hydrocarbon molecules, breaking up
(B) broke up by hydrocarbon molecules
(C) hydrocarbon molecules break up
(D) broken up hydrocarbon molecules

Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya)
Practice TOEFL Structure and Answer Key (Soal structure TOEFL dan Kunci Jawabannya)

7. _____ ballet dancers learn five basic positions for the arms and feet.
(A) All of
(B) Of every
(C) All
(D) Every

8. Some colonies of bryozoans, small marine animals, form ___with trailing stems.
(A) creeping colonies
(B) which colonies creep
(C) creeping colonies are
(D) colonies creep

9. Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued six women's rights cases before the United States Supreme Court in the 1970's,____
(A) of five winning them
(B) five winning of them
(C) of them five winning
(D) winning five of them

10. Natural selection is defined as the process ___the course of evolution by preserving those traits best adapted for an organism's survival.
(A) to which directs
(B) of which directs it
(C) directs it
(D) that directs

11. ____ 363 miles between the cities of Albany and Buffalo in New York State, the Eric Canal helped link the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes.
(A) The extension of
(B) The extension
(C) Extending
(D) Extends

12.The chief sources of B12,a water-soluble vitamin ____ stored in the body, include meat, milk and eggs.
(A) is not
(B) that is not
(C) not that is
(D) that not

13. ____ is rooted in experiments in iron and steel conducted in the nineteenth century.
(A) While the history of twentieth-century architecture
(B) The history of twentieth-century architecture
(C) That the history of twentieth-century architecture
(D) Both twentieth-century architecture and its history

14.The primary source of energy for tropical cyclones is the latent heat released when ____
(A) does water vapor condense
(B) condensed water vapor
(C) water vapor condenses
(D) the condensation of water vapor

15. Maufacturing is Canada's most important economic activity, ____17 percent of the workforce.
(A) engages
(B) and to engage
(C) that it engage
(D) engaging


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