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Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

Berikut ini merupakan contoh soal listening test TOEFL. Sebelum anda melai berlatih dengan soal-soal ini unduhlah dulu file audionya.. anda bisa mengunduh pada tautanberikut.


1. (A) Spend more time working on calculus
(B) Talk to an advisor about dropping the
(C) Work on the assignment with a classmate.
(D) Ask the graduate assistant for help.

2. (A) Go home to get a book.
(B) Return a book to the library.
(C) Pick up a book at the library for the woman.
(D) Ask the librarian for help in finding a book.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

3. (A) The woman could use his metric ruler.
(B) He'll finish taking the measurements for the
(C) The woman's ruler is better than his.
(D) He's faster at making the conversions than
the woman.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02
Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02
4. (A) She wants the man to attend the tournament with her.
(B) The tournament begins next week.
(C) The man should check with his doctor again
(D) She hopes the man will be able to play in
the tournament.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

5. (A) The advisor has already approved the man's class schedule.
(B) The man should make an appointment to
see his advisor.
(C) The man should change his course schedule.
(D) The man should sign the document before

6. (A) She didn't teach class today.
(B) She noticed that the students didn't do their
(C) She usually assigns homework.
(D) She usually talks quietly.

7. (A) It started to rain when she was at the beach.
(B) She'd like the man to go to the beach with
(C) The forecast calls for more rain tomorrow.
(D) She won't go to the beach tomorrow if it

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

8. (A) She disagrees with the man.
(B) She doesn't enjoy long speeches.
(C) She hadn't known how long the speech
would be.
(D) She doesn't have a strong opinion about the

9. (A) He makes more money than the woman.
(B) He's satisfied with his job.
(C) He had trouble finding a job.
(D) He doesn't like working outdoors.

10. (A) He has already finished his report.
(B) He hasn't chosen a topic for his report.
(C) The woman's report is already long
(D) The woman will have time to finish her

11. (A) She'll speak to Larry about the problem.
(B) Larry has apologized to his roommate.
(C) Larry should find a new roommate.
(D) Larry's roommate may be partly
responsible for the problem.

12. (A) The man should take his vacation
somewhere else.
(B) She doesn't know when her semester ends.
(C) She hasn't called the travel agent yet
(D) The man may have to reschedule his trip.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

13. (A) She didn't work hard enough on it
(B) It'wasn't as good as she thought
(C) Her professor was pleased with it.
(D) It was written according to the professor's

14. (A) Go to the ballet later in the year.
(B) Take ballet lessons with his sister.
(C) Get a schedule of future performances.
(D) Get a ticket from his sister.

15. (A) Her hotel is located far from the conference center
(B) She didn't want to stay at the Gordon.
(C) The man should consider moving to a
different hotel.
(D) She isn't sure how to get to the conference

16. (A) Few readers agreed with his ideas.
(B) Very few people have read his article.
(C) He doesn't expect the article to be
(D) The woman doesn't fully understand the

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

17. (A) He'll go with the woman to the next
hockey game.
(B) He missed the hockey game because he
was ill.
(C) He forgot about the hockey game.
(D) He doesn't like to go to hockey games.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

18. (A) Karen can drive to the airport on Tuesday.
(B) Karen can attend the meeting on Tuesday.
(C) Karen had to change her plans at the last
(D) Karen is returning from a trip on Tuesday.

19. (A) Call her after five.
(B) Make calls from her phone.
(C) Go to the meeting with her.
(D) Fix her phone.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

20. (A) Look for more information for their
financial plan.
(B) Ask for more time to finish their financial
(C) Finish their financial plan with the
material available to them.
(D) Turn in their financial plan late.

21. (A) He doesn't want to drive anymore.
(B) The road to Bridgeport just opened.
(C) It doesn't take long to get to Bridgeport.
(D) He has memorized every part of the drive.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

22. (A) She doesn't have time to work in a garden.
(B) She'll consider the man's invitation.
(C) She doesn't want to join a gardening club.
(D) She was never formally invited to join a
gardening club.

23. (A) She's enjoying the music.
(B) The music will keep her awake.
(C) The music doesn't bother her .
(D) She would prefer a different style of music.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

24. (A) His house can accommodate a meeting of the entire committee.
(B) The woman should find out when the
meeting starts.
(C) The meeting should be held at the library.
(D) A smaller committee should be formed.

25. (A) She doesn't have time to collect the data.
(B) She prefers to wait until after the election.
(C) She needs to decide on a method soon.
(D) She'll send out the questionnaire in a

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

26. (A) He's angry with the woman,
(B) He feels sick.
(C) He doesn't get along well with some
(D) He prefers to study alone.

27. (A) It provides reading material for people
waiting to get in.
(B) He had to wait a long time for a seat there.
(C) He wasn't able to find a seat there.
(D) The seats used there are uncomfortable.

28. (A) Students still have time to apply for a loan.
(B) Students must wait until next month to
submit loan applications.
(C) The woman should find out whether
her loan application was accepted.
(D) The woman should ask for an extension
on the application deadline.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

29. (A) The casserole usually contains fewer
(B) She wishes she hadn't ordered the
(C) The cafeteria usually uses canned
(D) She doesn't usually eat in the cafeteria,

30. (A) Stay in the dormitory.
(B) Find out the cost of living in the dormitory.
(C) Ask for a reduction in her rent.
(D) Move into an apartment with a roommate.

31. (A) They're classmates.
(B) They're roommates.
(C) They're cousins.
(D) They're lab partners.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

32. (A) He couldn't decide on a topic for his paper.
(B) He thought his paper was late.
(C) He hadn't heard from his family in a while.
(D) He thought the woman had been ill.

33. (A) To find their way back to the nest.
(B) To locate plant fibers.
(C) To identify kinds of honey.
(D) To identify relatives.

34. (A) Visit his parents.
(B) Write a paper.
(C) Observe how bees build nests
(D) Plan a family reunion.

35. (A) An alternative use of fuel oil.
(B) A way to make fuel oil less polluting.
(C) A new method for locating underground
(D) A new source of fuel oil

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

36. (A) She was doing research for a paper on it,
(B) She read a newspaper article about it.
(C) She was told about it by her roommate.
(D) She heard about it in class.

37. (A) To produce a gas containing carbon and
(B) To remove impurities from methanol.
(C) To heat the reactors
(D) To prevent dangerous gases from forming

38. (A) It hasn't been fully tested.
(B) It's quite expensive.
(C) It uses up scarce minerals.
(D) The gas it produces is harmful to the

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

39. (A) The influence of European popular music
on non-Western music.
(B) The musical background of the director of
the Broadway version of The Lion King
(C) The types of music used in the Broadway
version of The Lion King.
(D) Differences between the music of the
film version and the Broadway version
of The Lion King.

40. (A) It was performed by the Zulu people of
South Africa.
(B) It developed outside the musical
traditions of Europe.
(C) It's familiar to most audiences in the
United States.
(D) The students heard it performed in
New York City.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

41. (A) The director is of African ancestry.
(B) The director wanted the songs in the
Broadway version to be identical to the
songs in the film.
(C) The Broadway version was first performed
in Africa.
(D) The story takes place in Africa.

42. (A) A type of music that originated in
(B) The meaning of non-English words used in
a song
(C) The plot of The Lion King
(D) Popular rock and jazz music performed in

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

43. (A) How ancient philosophers measured the
distance between heavenly bodies.
(B) How ancient philosophers explained the
cause of an eclipse of the Moon.
(C) Why ancient philosophers thought the
Earth was a sphere.
(D) Why ancient philosophers thought the
Earth moved around the Sun.

44. (A) How the natural world was described
in Greek mythology.
(B) What they observed directly.
(C) The writings of philosophers from other
(D) Measurements made with scientific

45. (A) They noticed an apparent change in the
position of the North Star.
(B) They observed eclipses at different times
of the year.
(C) They were the first to estimate the distance
between heavenly bodies.
(D) They wanted to prove that the Earth was

46. (A) A place for making astronomical
(B) An instrument used for observing stars.
(C) A unit of measurement.
(D) The North Star.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02

47. (A) One of the students asked him about it in
the previous class.
(B) He read about it the previous day.
(C) He had just read Dr. Frederick Cock's
travel log
(D) The students were required to read about
it for that day's class

48. (A) That Peary bad announced his success
(B) That the investigation of Peary's
expedition wasn't thorough.
(C) That Peary wasn't an experienced explorer.
(D) That he had reached the pole before Peary

49. (A) They talked to one of Peary's companions.
(B) They interviewed Peary.
(C) They conducted a computer analysis of
(D) They examined Peary's navigation tools,

50. (A) Dr. Cook's expedition.
(B) The conclusions of the Navigation
(C) Exploration of the Equator.
(D) Exploration of the South Pole.

Download Listening Audio and Answer Key TOEFL 02